$1.8 million to restore 12,500 acres of Ontario wetlands

Note from Storm: This 2009 article announces the Canadian government’s upcoming restoration of 5000 hectares (12,500 acres) of Ontario wetlands. Readers familiar with the current condition of these ecosystems, and the announced rating system, are invited to bring us up to date in the Comments section at the bottom of this page.

An aquatic and shoreline habitat restoration program is receiving $1.8 million from the federal government of Canada.

Parks Canada‘s five-year investment will help protect 40 species and restore and manage 230 wetlands in the Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site of Canada.

The site, located in central Ontario, is at risk due to shoreline development pressure along the waterway.

The “Leaders of the Landscape” program will develop a priority rating system and restoration initiatives, including the use of traditional aboriginal knowledge and an educational and training initiative.

[Photo credit: Parks Canada]

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