$184 million redevelopment coming for Memphis Fairgrounds?

An eight-member panel of city planning professionals from the Urban Land Institute was charged with a five-day task of reviewing the history of the Memphis Fairgrounds and interviewing stakeholders before considering issues, analyzing data and writing a conceptual master plan for future development.

Tom Murphy, a former mayor who is known for helping revitalize the city of Pittsburgh, said its time to start thinking about redeveloping the Memphis Fairgrounds as a whole.

The panel presented a $184 million plan consisting of a mix of destinations meant to appeal to both tourists, to generate tax revenue for a Tourism Development Zone, and locals alike.

  • $37.5 million Multipurpose indoor sports facility
  • $20 million Tiger Lane II
  • $5 million Public park with lake
  • $7 million Surf park
  • $22 million Coliseum stage
  • $3 million Creative arts building
  • $3.5 million Streetscape
  • $8 million Public improvements
  • $9 million Stadium phase III
  • $3 million 15,000 square feet of retail
  • $21 million Improvements to Cooper Avenue/Memphis Zoo
  • $5 million Community investment

The Institute recommends dedicating the 10-acre Fairgrounds Youth Athletic Fields, west of CMOM, for a privately developed water park similar to Six Flags.

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