£2.6 million repurposing of derelict tunnels to reconnect & revitalize Belfast

A network of derelict tunnels near the Belfast, Northern Ireland city centre is to be given a new lease life as part of a £2.6 million regeneration project.

The eight Lanyon Tunnels–which were originally used by cattle traders as holding pens for animals on their way to the slaughterhouse–have not been used for over 70 years.

Now, they are to be redeveloped for childcare facilities, commercial uses, and a link from the city centre to the Markets area.

Stormont Junior Minister Megan Fearon said: “The Stormont Executive’s £1.3 million investment [matched by Belfast City Council] in the Lanyon Tunnels will help regenerate this historically significant site, benefiting the area economically and socially. As well as employment opportunities and increasing community services, the project will importantly remove the physical barrier between the Markets area and the City Centre, improving mobility and access, and reconnecting the local community to the wider area.

Photo credit: Belfast City Council

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