Competition for mixed-use redevelopment of downtown Tucson transit center

Two development companies are competing for the right to redevelop the Ronstadt Transit Center in downtown Tucson, Arizona.

The east side of downtown has surged in recent years, teeming with nightlife and new restaurants.

The west side will see two new developments that will break ground in the next two months.

It’s a game changer,” said architect Phil Swaim.

The transit center is old and out of place in the area, which is in the middle of a renaissance. Developers are now working to complete the missing piece in the resurgence.

Still lacking in the area, is more housing for people who want to live in downtown. There is affordable housing, but many banks won’t loan on it.

There are also potential high-end buyers, but they are being turned away because there’s no inventory.

The new developments will bring the needed housing.

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