25 community redevelopment projects will soon receive £1 million each to support inclusive rural revitalization in Scotland

People from disadvantaged and remote rural communities in Scotland will soon benefit from £25 million in regeneration funding.

The Regeneration Capital Grant Fund will support 25 redevelopment projects designed to tackle inequalities and deliver inclusive economic revitalization in some of the most deprived and remote communities in Scotland.

These are anticipated to support or create 1,700 jobs, refurbish and bring 38 buildings back into use, including some historic and landmark properties, as well as creating a further 68,000 sq. meters of business space.

COSLA’s Environment and Economy spokesperson Councillor Steven Heddle said, “The Regeneration Capital Grant Fund continues to provide local authorities with an invaluable tool to help deliver on the regeneration aspirations of the communities which they represent. The range of projects reflects the need for localised approaches to help regenerate communities across the country, all of which will help deliver strong economic, social, and physical outcomes.

Continuation of the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund for the remainder of the Parliamentary term emphasises the joint commitment of Local Government and Scottish Government to regenerating deprived and disadvantaged communities, and I look forward to seeing what further innovative projects come forward in the future rounds of this fund,” he continued.

Announcing the projects to receive funding at the Broomhouse Hub community center in Edinburgh, which recently completed a £3.2 million renovation.

Communities Secretary Aileen Campbell said, “We have invested more than £160 million in projects through this partnership with COSLA since 2014 to tackle inequalities, support business and create jobs that will promote growth and inclusivity in some of our most deprived, disadvantaged and remote communities across the country.

I know this latest £25 million is going to make a big difference to the community projects across Scotland that will share this award. This new Hub in Broomhouse will help support people of all ages find companionship, learn new skills and offer much-needed support for families. It will be an asset to the local community now and for the future, and is an excellent example of what the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund supports each year,” she added.

Rendering of Broomhouse Hub courtesy of the City of Edinburgh.

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