£250 million revitalization of downtown Nottingham, England gets the green light

The Nottingham (UK) City Council has long planned to dramatically transform and regenerate the rundown Broadmarsh area of Nottingham’s city center.

The entrance to the city centre from the south is currently uninspiring and in need of a facelift.

To do this, a £250 million revitalization program is underway.

The goal is to transform the area into a great entrance into the south of the city center with improved shopping, leisure and restaurant facilities in a vibrant new environment.

On December 18, 2018, these much-anticipated plans took a major step forward as city councillors gave the program the green light.

The revitalization includes:

  • Redevelopment of the shopping centre (intu Broadmarsh) to create a modern destination for customers to shop, eat, relax and socialise throughout the day and evening, including a new cinema;
  • The demolishing and rebuilding of Broadmarsh Car Park and Bus Station to modernise parking facilities, the bus station and create new cafés and retail opportunities which spill out onto Collin Street and Carrington Street;
  • The creation of a new public space on Collin Street by pedestrianising the street, similar to Clumber Street;
  • The pedestrianisation of (upper) Carrington Street, between the new public space on Collin Street and Canal Street;
  • Changing Canal Street to a pedestrian friendly area, with reduced traffic and a more welcoming space to the city;
  • The creation of a brand new flagship City Hub for the city by New College Nottingham and Central College Nottingham to the east of Middle Hill, which will serve 4,000 students a year; and
  • Linking this part of the city to Nottingham Castle, which will be transformed into a world-class destination, hosting 400,000 visitors annually.

The regeneration program is intended return Nottingham into the top six of retail centers in the country, and to transform the face of the southern part of downtown.

This redevelopments, which collectively represent a £250 million investment in the city, are expected to boost the local economy by over £1.1 billion per decade.

It’s expected to create nearly 3,000 jobs for local people, while attracting an extra three million people per year to the city.

See the City of Nottingham’s Broadmarsh regeneration website.

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