Russia to lead infrastructure restoration and economic revitalization in Syria?

Russia should be ready to participate in the process of infrastructure restoration of economic revitalization in crisis-torn Syria, the chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian upper house of parliament said on January 25, 2017.

It is necessary to be ready to provide the Syrian nation with support, including in the restoration of economy,” said Konstantin Kosachev.

He added that the Syrians will require many years to rebuild their infrastructure and economy. “I want to believe that the period of degradation has become history and we are moving to a period of restoration and creation,” Kosachev said.

But, after six years of war. no single country is capable of restoring Syria on its own, said Abdullah al-Dardari, the Deputy Executive Secretary of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia and former Deputy Prime Minister of Syria, It should be a multilateral effort, he explained.

Russian President Vladimir Putinis correct in saying that reconstruction and financing of the Middle East should be a priority for the international community. Moreover, we need shared responsibility since not a single country, including the United States, the European Union, Saudi Arabia, Iran and China, is capable of restoring the region on its own. They will not be able to rebuild even Syria, which is estimated to have sustained damage amounting to $350 billion,” al-Dardari continued.

Parties to the conflict must understand that a military or a political victory in the Syrian conflict will not be enough. If there is a single winner in Syria, he will have to pay for all. He will bear the burden of economic responsibility for [the country’s revival],” he concluded. “This is why it has to be a comprehensive process which will unite all of the stakeholders.

Before/after photos of Aleppo, Syria via Bored Panda.

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