$2 billion sewage plant renovation to help restore Sacramento River

An array of influential federal, state and local leaders gathered on a patch of dirt at a sewage plant in Elk Grove on Thursday to break ground on the biggest public works project in Sacramento County history.

Officials kicked off a $2 billion expansion of the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, which serves more than 416,000 homes and businesses in Sacramento County and West Sacramento.

After years of litigation and resistance by local agencies over the cost and requirements imposed by state regulators, speakers hailed the start of construction on a massive upgrade at the facility that will produce cleaner water for discharge into the Sacramento River.

The improvements will elevate the quality of treated water to “tertiary” status, the highest level under state law. Besides protecting the environment, the cleaner flows could be recycled for use in watering lawns, irrigating crops and cooling power plants, sanitation officials said.
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