These three draft reports from “Resilient Northeast New Jersey” help to address flood, heat and other climate-related hazards

In August of 2022, Resilient Northeast New Jersey released three draft different reports on resilience that help to understand and develop recommendations to address flood, heat, and other climate-related hazards in northeastern New Jersey.

The Flood Impact Assessment report describes the current and future effects of flooding in the region.

The Climate Hazards Assessment report provides information about how climate hazards in addition to flooding, such as heat, poor air quality, and wildfire, can impact the region now and in the future.

The Scenario Development report describes three different scenarios, or packages of solution options, that Resilient Northeastern New Jersey has developed to evaluate how different solutions can work together to create change.

Photo of Bayonne, New Jersey courtesy of Resilient Northeast New Jersey.

See Resilient Northeast New Jersey website.

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