3 non-profits join forces to restore coral reefs off Sapi Island, Malaysia

Three non-governmental organisations (NGOs), namely JCI Luyang, The Hungry Movement, and Lions Clubs (Tg Aru, KK Central and New Century) embarked on a joint effort to restore nature by planting corals near Sapi Island off here recently.

The event, which was co-ordinated by Borneo Reef World (BRW) under its Managing Director Theresa Tham, saw active participation by members of the NGOs.

According to JCI Malaysia National President Dato’ Terry Ong who was present to witness the event, it was in line with the association partnering with United Nations Development and Goal (UNDG) where conserving and preserving nature is one of the main objectives.

“It is crucial to exercise sustainability if we want to ‘save’ our mother Earth. There are so many things to do and we need the public, community and NGOs to come forward and play their part in restoring our beautiful nature before it is too late,” he said.

Planting of corals is one of the ways to restore our beautiful scenery under water. Great efforts have been done and we are continuing this work to get more population of corals, hence beautifying our underwater scenery,” explained Terry.

He urged young people to come forward and take part in this worthy cause.

Photo of Sapi Island via www.islandinmalaysia.com

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