48-acre brownfield redevelopment to expand & revitalize downtown Carlisle, Pennsylvania

On August 30, 2018, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced new funding to redevelop the 48-acre IAC/Lear (International Automotive Components, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lear) brownfield site in Carlisle Borough of Cumberland County.

This formerly-developed site will receive new life – and new opportunities – with this funding,” Governor Wolf said. “By redeveloping this expansive site, Carlisle Borough will extend both its downtown footprint and make progress on its brownfield plan, adding jobs and economic development opportunities at the same time.

Aerial view of IAC site via Google Maps.

Carlisle Productions, Inc. was approved for a $500,000 grant to support the redevelopment of the 48-acre former IAC manufacturing brownfield site.

The property consists of 25 acres of former manufacturing facilities and 23 acres of unimproved land. Redevelopment of the site is a top priority of the Borough of Carlisle’s Urban Redevelopment Plan and EPA Areawide [Brownfield] Plan.

The TIGER Grant-funded Carlisle Connectivity Project is a series of transportation upgrades designed to improve mobility around and through the brownfield sites in the northern part of Carlisle. The Connectivity Project comprises three different projects with different timelines.

The redevelopment will transform the site into a vibrant extension of downtown Carlisle by developing the site into a mixed-use development featuring retail, office, restaurant, hotel, and market-rate housing. Funds will be used to complete on-site preparation work for the development. An estimated 220 jobs will be created within five years of completion.

Today’s approval of $500,000 for Carlisle Productions, Inc. will have a large impact on Carlisle Borough and the surrounding area to bolster the revitalization of the IAC brownfield,” Regan explained.

The project is expected to create more than 220 local jobs over the next few years and will enhance Carlisle’s local tourism industry by better connecting key economic hubs to the downtown. In addition, the project will offer new hotel and retail amenities within walking distance of Carlisle’s largest attractions,” he continued.

Supported through the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP), funding will support critical expansion projects, some of which will provide opportunities for additional economic development.

Featured photo via Pennsylvania Governor’s Office.

See Carlisle Connectivity Project website.

See Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program website.

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