After 60 years of deterioration, 1924 locomotive will be restored in Maine

In 1954 the Old 470 steam locomotive made its last trip through Waterville, Maine on its Maine Central Railroad route from Portland to Waterville.

That same year, Waterville native Roland Boulepte returned from military service to resume working for the railroad.

Boulepte remembers when the Old 470 was moved to its present location on College Avenue in Waterville, where it has been deteriorating from the elements and vandals for 60 years.

But on August 8, 2016, Boulepte drove by the Old 470 and saw something he said he couldn’t stay away from.

The Old 470, now owned by the New England Steam Corporation, was being taken apart piece by piece to be placed on trucks and driven to its new home at Washington Junction in Ellsworth, where it will be restored to its original state.

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