650 volunteers spend 4 days revitalizing the oldest neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona

In January of 2019, as part of Quicken Loans‘ commitment to providing stable housing that meets the needs of local residents, 650 Quicken Loans Arizona team members partnered with Habitat for Humanity for a four-day Neighborhoods Week event to renovate the houses of 18 homeowners in one the first communities ever built in Central City neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona. The goal of Neighborhoods Week is to provide volunteer resources to revitalize an underserved community by repairing and stabilizing homes, in addition to boosting pride in homeownership.

As neighbors in the downtown Phoenix area, Quicken Loans and Habitat for Humanity worked side by side with residents of the Central City neighborhood, some of whom have lived there for generations, to restore and preserve the history of the community by repairing, repainting and landscaping houses.

Neighborhoods Week has always focused on making an impact, and with the recent relocation of the Quicken Loans office, we saw a great opportunity to continue those efforts in a neighborhood that’s walking distance from the company’s new location,” explained Gabriel Jaramillo, director of community development for Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona.

This year, the volunteers also helped revitalize a volunteer-run community garden in local Grant Park that serves families as a social gathering area and provides access to healthy food options.

Revitalizing the garden fits in with Habitat’s mission because it is an asset to the neighborhood and plays a role in the residents’ social interaction, healthy eating and educational platforms, all of which contribute to a stable environment,” Jaramillo said.

Over the past three years of involvement in Central Arizona, Neighborhoods Week has revitalized several families’ homes as well as constructed new ones and laid gravel in a church parking lot in the Tempe neighborhood of Victory Acres.

Having volunteers work alongside the homeowners brings people together and shows that there are still organizations out there that help,” said Jaramillo. “Habitat for Humanity, along with great partners like Quicken Loans, facilitates community transformation.

Founded in 1976 with a mission to provide sustainable housing to cost-burdened families at no profit, Habitat for Humanity has helped more than 13 million people in nearly 1,400 locations worldwide.

Habitat for Humanity’s neighborhood revitalization work helps transform communities into vibrant, safe places to live for current and future residents. Their approach to neighborhood revitalization embraces an integrated, collaborative approach to community development. Local Habitat for Humanity offices work in coalition with neighborhood residents and partners to address the many elements that contribute to a higher quality of life, including health care, safety and economic development, in addition to housing.

Photo via Quicken Loans.

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