Restoration of African-American heritage home in Pensacola, Florida to begin

Restoration of the historic Ella Jordan Home in the Belmont-Devilliers neighborhood of Pensacola, Florida has begun.

Ella Jordan was the first president of the Federation of Colored Women’s Club in Pensacola and the pink house on the corner of North C and La Rua Streets served as important educational and cultural center for the African-American community after she purchased it in 1929.

Many young women came to the home for social events, club meetings, birthday parties and etiquette lessons.

So far $45,000 has been raised toward the $100,000 it will cost to complete the foundation and the roof.

“The efforts that we are undertaking with the restoration of this home are part of an effort to maintain the history and culture of this wonderful part of our community,” said Tim Evans, Executive Director at Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity is involved in a neighborhood revitalization project and is working closely with the Mother Wit Institute, a non-profit organization that initialized the restoration of the Ella Jordan Home.

See full article & photo credit in the Pensacola News Journal.

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