7 ways to equitably revitalize a community with transit and affordable housing

As we think and prepare for how to engage in the battle of ideas that inevitably comes with a new federal administration, now is the time to take stock of our core principles, what we believe we can contribute to the greater good, and the vision that we want others to share and help build.

While federal policy and resources are essential to setting the framework for the nation and enabling a lot of public good activity at the local level, cities are where most people experience the realities of life and interface with government.

With that in mind, here are seven things cities can do to become more equitable, vibrant and affordable. [Explanations of each recommendation are in full article]:

  1. Make public transit free to ride;
  2. Crack down on the housing black market and empower tenants;
  3. Use municipal property for housing;
  4. Put the “best” schools in the “worst” neighborhoods;
  5. Think and act inter-jurisdictionally to prevent race to the bottom;
  6. Free the data and ask citizens to help;
  7. Prepare for the future, not the past.

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See full Next City article by Matt Hoffman.

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