$87 million is now available to green and renovate rail and port infrastructure in New York state, and make it more resilient

On February 11, 2021, $87 million in state and federal funding became available for rail and port renovation projects that will help green and revitalize the state’s economy, while making it more resilient.

Through sustained and strategic state investments in renovating rail and port-related facilities, New York continues to experience growth in privately-owned and operated freight intermodal facilities statewide, including the Selkirk Yard in the Capital Region; the Bison Yard in the Western New York Region; and the Dewitt Yard in the Central New York region.

Projects funded through the Passenger and Freight Rail Assistance Program, administered by the New York State Department of Transportation, will be selected through a competitive solicitation process and rated based on established criteria that include a benefit cost analysis, adherence to regional economic development plans, compatibility with other private and public investments and actions that enhance resilience and reduce climate risk.

Eligible project activities include: track and bridge rehabilitation; yard, terminal and siding construction; elimination of clearance obstructions; wharf, dock and bulkhead construction and reconstruction; dredging; at-grade crossing railroad crossing resurfacing; material handling equipment storage facilities; and other projects that enhance economic competitiveness and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The New York State Department of Transportation will be accepting application forms for this funding opportunity through April 22, 2021.

Photo of Selkirk Yard, south of Albany, New York is by Caseyjonz via Wikipedia.

Learn more and get application materials here.

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