9 planning tips for rebuilding sustainable, resilient cities in West Africa

Charlotte Langhorst is a German Art Historian and the founder of AccraScope, an organization with a mission to, “promote Accra’s architectural heritage and encourage more Ghanaian scholars to research, document, record, and write about Accra’s urban environment.

Combining her love of art and architecture with urban planning, she’s come up with these 9 tips for building sustainable, resilient cities in West Africa, starting with Accra:

  1. Urban planners do not have to invent everything from scratch
  2. Think outside the box: How can you make infrastructure attractive and practical?
  3. Live what you believe
  4. Education is the key to responsible urbanization and a resilient city
  5. Appreciate and use what you’ve got
  6. Get out of your comfort zone
  7. Nurture young, innovative thinkers
  8. Get support
  9. Speak up

See full article.

See AccraScope website & photo credit.

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