Many failed grandiose proposals preceded redevelopment of RI brewery site

This brief “flashback” video tells the story of the many abandoned proposals to revitalize the Narragansett Brewery site, which was finally redeveloped as a shopping center.

The Narragansett Brewing Company was an American brewery founded in Cranston, Rhode Island (just south of Providence) in 1890.

Narragansett used to be the #1 selling brand in New England, but now occupies a narrow segment of the market.

It was originally brewed in the city of Cranston, and was famous for its drinkability and the advertising slogan, “Hi, Neighbor, have a ‘Gansett!,” most famously uttered by Boston Red Sox announcer Curt Gowdy.

After changing hands several times, the brand was bought in 2005 by a team of local Rhode Island investors led by former juice executive Mark D. Hellendrung, who announced plans to expand its market share and reinvigorate the Narragansett brand identity.

Since the purchase, the brand has indeed been revitalized with the help of former brewer Bill Anderson, and some sharp new packaging. Narragansett beer, now contract brewed by Genesee Brewing Company, has been available again throughout Southern New England since spring of 2006.

The lager and light beers are brewed at their brewery in Rochester, New York, while the bock and porter are craft-brewed in Providence, Rhode Island and Pawcatuck, Connecticut. The brand also produces a summer ale, available during the summer season and a cream ale, a year-round offering. On April 3, 2016, it was announced that the Narragansett Beer brewery would be relocating to Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Watch 90-second news video.

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