VIDEO: A marketing firm’s video to promote downtown revitalization in Hagerstown, Maryland wins an Emmy Award

In Hagerstown, Maryland, a local marketing firm has achieved a first: their community revitalization video has just won an Emmy Award.

HighRock, based in downtown Hagerstown, won the Emmy on June 22, 2019 for the video it produced to promote the downtown revitalization program.

Apparently, Maryland Senator Andrew Serafini started the ball rolling when he suggested that the city develop a marketing message to motivate the community about the downtown renewal.

Rather than produce the usual “talking heads” piece, HighRock choose a route that was edgier and grittier, and recruited local rapper Spencer Jackson.

Featured photo (courtesy of Highrock) shows (from left): HighRock VP Katie Stover, HighRock video director Josh Youngbar and HighRock marketing executive Pieter Bickford after winning Emmy Award for “Hagerstown Unite” video.

Watch 2-minute video on the Hagerstown Unite website.

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