A Model Policy: Charging developers for sprawl to encourage redevelopment

Hillsborough County, Florida wants to entice developers into building up existing communities and urban hubs instead of building farther out.

Doing so means updating an antiquated tax known as impact fees, a sum paid by developers at the completion of a project.

As it stands, the county actually charges less for new developments, even though that kind of growth costs the county more in support roads and infrastructure.

Hillsborough commissioners on Wednesday gave the county planning staff the okay to explore a change to “mobility fees” as part of a larger comprehensive plan for future growth.

Mobility fees charge builders more for the roads and transit needed to support new development, especially if they build outside the urban core. A final proposal is expected in December.

Under that system, the county could also lower the mobility fee in certain existing economic corridors.

That would give builders an incentive to explore new projects in places the county is hoping to spur redevelopment.

See full article & photo credit in the Tampa Bay Times.

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