A new metric for urban revitalization: The Infill Score

In the last four months of 2015, 160 cities have benchmarked their infill program using Infill Score.

We have organized some of the top performing cities who are using innovative approaches to attract and manage SMART infill. There are lessons learned from each of these innovative programs.

Since 2000 Truckee, California has improved their score from 25 to 85 by taking strategic actions.

One of the best SMART infill programs for large cities is Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that has developed a unique program called Evolving Infill.

By signing up for our SMART infill program we can assist in developing your own infill roadmap and overcoming obstacles to community revitalization.

Cities and communities will want to look for solutions from similar cities based on scale and similar market characteristics.

We have organized the top performers into the following categories:

  • Large Cities – 250k population & above
  • Medium Cities – between 100k & 250k
  • Small Cities – between 25k & 100k
  • Towns – Under 25k

See announcement.

See Infill Score website & image credit.

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