A woman and a town take pride in restoring their lonely, historic Minuteman missile

Nobody really knows how it got there or why.

Some people in the city call it the lonely missile, while others say it was placed there for deterrence.

Until recently, the only sure thing about the missile was that it was decaying.

Air Force 2nd Lt. Angie Phillips, 490th Missile Squadron deputy missile combat crew commander, is one of the airmen who drive the route several days a week.

Seeing the missile several times a week, Phillips said, she was disappointed in its appearance and decided to do something about it.

Phillips went right to work on the missile, with limited resources and information. “The town really got together, getting lift cranes and bucket trucks,” she said. “They would tap [it] out and take turns scraping the paint off.

After almost six months of scraping off old paint, applying new paint and fighting bad weather, the effort restored the missile to its original glory.

The town takes so much pride in their restored missile,” Phillips said.

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