Aglanta: Smart Agriculture for Smart Cities — March 26-28, 2018 — Atlanta, Georgia

The Aglanta: Smart Ag for Smart Cities conference will take place on March 26-28, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Aglanta 2018 will build on the brand’s prior success with a new twist, Smart Ag for Smart Cities. While exact event scheduling will be announced in the coming months, Aglanta 2018 attendees can expect the programming’s theme to focus on agriculture’s role in the smart city of the future. “We’ve attended too many smart cities conferences that completely forgot to discuss food production,” says Agritecture’s founder Henry Gordon Smith, “so we decided to make Aglanta the smart ag for smart cities conference.”

With ample case studies from the Southeastern US, the conference will cover issues across the spectrum of urban agriculture business models and technologies. Aglanta 2018 will spotlight local champions already doing incredible work growing food as means of ecological restoration, social cohesion, cultural preservation, economic development, and biopharmaceutical development. The conference will also highlight why Atlanta is the perfect location for smart agribusiness to set root.

The City of Atlanta is home to a business-friendly environment, innovative technology resources, and thought-leaders in the burgeoning urban agriculture industry,” explains the city’s Urban Agriculture Director Mario Cambardella, “Four seasons, available land opportunities, and aggressive population growth projections coupled with the quality of life benefits the City of Atlanta offers create the ideal setting for enterprises and entrepreneurs to excel.”

Furthermore, Southern Company, the nation’s 2nd largest utility company, will again be a banner sponsor for the Aglanta Conference. Southern Company believes that locally sourced produce is not only healthier and more sustainable, but also that it can also be highly marketable and lucrative. Thus, Southern Company and the Mayor’s Office of Atlanta are proud to recognize and support the positive health and community outcomes from this budding industry.

Agritecture is elated to invite our industry colleagues to this gathering. We invite you to showcase your urban and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) innovations to the Aglanta audience via the available sponsorship and exhibition offerings.

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