Air Force volunteers restore historic fighter jet for downtown Goldsboro NC

A fighter jet that has become a historic symbol of Seymour Johnson Air Force Base is restored and ready to be placed in downtown Goldsboro, North Carolina again.

The F-86 Sabre was on display outside the Goldsboro Police Dept. for several years until February 2014, when it was transported to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base for refurbishing.

The restoration took 644 total man hours and cost almost $31,000.

We are proud of our base and the people out there and they are a big part of our economy,” said Darryl Johnson.

The F-86 Sabre was considered the F-16 of the Korean War and while this aircraft is retired, airmen said it was a special opportunity to work on a piece of history.

[Photo credit: Wikipedia]

See original Time Warner Cable News article.

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