Albany, New York launches a long-awaited $3.3 million streetscape revitalization effort to bring new life to the downtown area

On July 28, 2023 in Albany, New York, Mayor Kathy Sheehan and Department of General Services Commissioner Sergio Panunzio announced the commencement of a $3.3 million investment to revitalize the Lark Street Streetscape between Madison Avenue and Washington Avenue.

Sheehan said, “The Lark Street Streetscape Revitalization is another prime example of my administration’s commitment to revitalizing our business districts. These investments will drive business development and growth in our City while also promoting vibrant, walkable neighborhoods.”

“I want to extend a sincere thank you to the residents and businesses of the Lark Street Corridor for helping make their voices heard and providing valuable feedback during the planning and design process. I also want to thank the US Department of Transportation, NYS Department of Transportation, and Assembly members McDonald and Fahy for helping support the Lark Street Streetscape project and many other initiatives throughout the City of Albany,” she added.

On  July 31, the City’s contractors will begin equipment mobilization, installation of work zone signage, and surveying.

Physical construction will begin on Monday, August 7 with reconstruction of the three cobblestone intersections at State Street, Hudson Avenue, and Lancaster Street.

Improvements to the Lark Street Streetscape will include:

  • Restoration of the pavement (Mill and Fill)
  • Removal of cobblestone intersections
  • Addition of stamped asphalt strips for traffic calming
  • Restoration of ADA ramps & installation of detectable pedestrian warnings
  • Replacement of Curb Ramps and Sidewalks as necessary
  • Incorporate sidewalk extensions (also known as bumpouts) at certain intersections to improve pedestrian safety and slow down vehicle traffic
  • Install high-visibility crosswalks
  • Replacement and planting of new trees
  • Addition of strings lights across Lark Street
  • Installation new park benches, bike racks and trash receptacles

These improvements were derived from community input via a Lark Street Streetscape Study that was led by the City’s Department of Planning and Development.

That study was funded in part by a grant secured through New York State’s Regional Economic Development Council Program, the Lark Street Business Improvement District, and the Albany Parking Authority.

These investments are made in part by a $750,000 Federal Aid award, and grants made possible by Assembly member Patricia Fahy and Assembly member John McDonald.

These improvements come after the replacement of 60 lead service lines by the Albany Water Department in 2022.

The project is anticipated to be completed in late Fall 2023.

Photo of Lark Street courtesy of the City of Albany.

See more information about the project.

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