Amsterdam: A spectacular showcase of repurposed architecture

Amsterdam is known for its great architecture, but what to do with structures that outlive their intended use?

Instead of breaking them down, we prefer to get creative and breathe new purpose into these buildings.

We all do it sometimes, I think. Taking something old and using it in another form, to create another purpose.

At first sight, it might look or feel the same, but if you take a closer look you discover something new inside. You can think as big or small as you like; an old milk jar as a new flower vase, used sea containers turned into student houses or an old press office transformed into a night club and then closed again, only to find yet a new purpose to serve.

Transformation, it happens all around us, all the time. And you will probably know some buildings in your hometown that have changed purposes too.

Here are five remarkable metamorphoses in Amsterdam…

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