Annapolis plans a resilient waterfront heritage strategy as sea level rises

How Annapolis, Maryland can protect itself against rising sea levels without losing its historic charm — that was the question on the minds of about 75 city officials, residents, climate activists and preservationists during an April 30, 2016 event on the city’s downtown waterfront, which has experienced increased flooding during major storms in recent years.

Matt Jacobs, a local Realtor whose family owns the Annapolis Boat Show, said he has seen “a lot of negative impacts” of sea level rise in recent years, and he wanted to be a part of the solution.

It’s not just historic preservation, it’s economic preservation and social preservation,” he said.

While such conversations are occurring across the country, some communities don’t want to accept the concept of sea level rise or climate change, or don’t believe it will affect them.

Annapolis is braver, smarter, and more responsible.

There are a hell of a lot more small towns than there are big cities on the coastline,” said Lisa Craig, chief of historic preservation for the city. “We need to figure out how to crack this nut.

Photo of downtown Annapolis during annual sailboat show:

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