Restoration Economy: Yet another company integrates its product marketing with reforestation & environmental regeneration

Over the years, we’ve seen many companies featured in REVITALIZATION who have been linking their product production and/or marketing to community revitalization, natural resource restoration, regenerative agriculture and/or climate resilience.

Most recently, we’ve featured a spate of breweries producing beers whose sales contribute to river, watershed and estuary restoration. And then there is the New Belgium Brewery in Asheville, North Carolina, whose entire facility and site is a case study in integrated ecologicaly restoration, brownfields remediation and community revitalization, as we documented in this article.

Now, on May 25, 2021 announced that it will further its long-standing collaboration with the country’s oldest conservation and reforestation organization, American Forests. Through its One Tote, One Tree reforestation program, the TyrFil brand will provide the financial support to help plant 300,000 new tree saplings in the longleaf pine forest region in the state of Florida.

The longleaf and slash pine forest area located in the Lake Walks Ridge, Big Shoals, John M. Bethea and Welaka State Forest has witnessed a devastating decline in its old-growth longleaf habitat, which once blanketed 90 million acres across the southeastern United States.

Much of the original forestation has been lost or damaged due to agriculture and the suppression of natural, low-intensity wildfires, which together have dealt an unprecedented blow to biodiversity and the natural forest health of the region.

Many birds and animals have been negatively impacted, especially the red cockaded woodpecker, which relies on the loosely spaced longleaf pine for its survival. The survival of the woodpecker is critical to many other species, such as chickadees, flying squirrels, wood ducks, and owls. Through their industrious pecking, the woodpeckers create habitats for these species where none would otherwise exist.

Carlisle TyrFil is pleased to continue its ongoing commitment and collaboration with American Forests,” said Matt Pearson, Vice President of Global Sales for Carlisle TyrFil.

This initiative is part of our long-established support of environmental sustainability. Across the TyrFil brand’s 50-year history, we have heavily invested in R&D to develop environmentally supportive products and have led the industry in next generation technology that significantly reduced the usage of oil, toxic metals, petrochemicals, and other environmentally harmful compounds. We thank our valued customers for joining us in this effort to replenish America’s natural terrains for more than a decade,” he concluded.

Through Carlisle TyrFil’s One Tote, One Tree program, these forests will get the boost they need to once again prosper. One Tote, One Tree is a central element of TyrFil’s sustainability platform that enables the company and its extensive dealer, OEM, and distributor network to team up and work together to donate one new tree sapling for every tote of product purchased.

Collectively, over the course of the past decade, TyrFil has planted nearly a quarter of a million new trees through its partnership with American Forests to help reforest many of the country’s treasured wilderness areas that have been devastated by wildfires or other disasters.

Featured photo of longleaf pine is by fullersa from Pixabay.

See Carlisle TyrFil website.

See One Tote, One Tree program website.

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