Applications being accepted for Regenerative Entrepreneur NYC Program

In partnership with regenerative business leaders, investors, teachers, and institutions, has developed an entrepreneurial education program that places an emphasis on personal growth, imparts a deeper understanding of the natural and social systems upon which our world operates, and offers the skills, wisdom and connections that entrepreneurs need to build businesses that regenerate the people and places they touch.

The Regenerative Entrepreneur Program is designed to be participatory and emergent. In addition to lectures and lessons from successful entrepreneurs and visits to role model businesses, each participant will spend time in nature, partake in group and individual reflective workshopping, and receive one­ on­ one mentorship.

Furthermore, each participant in the pilot cohort will offer a lesson at one or more points during the program.

Finally, none of the work of the pilot is abstract or theoretical. Participants are learning by doing… and learning not only for the sake of learning, but to continuously develop their own businesses and apply the lessons and practices from the sessions directly.

The pilot program will run from October 2nd to January 23rd, and includes 14 sessions spread over weekly gatherings and two weekend immersions.

Sessions will be hosted at 1000 Dean Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and other locations throughout New York City.

See program website & photo credit.

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