B.S. or minor in Ecological Restoration, University of Montana

Are you interested in ecology and how ecosystems work, solving pressing environmental problems, or helping to restore degraded ecosystems? Earn a B.S. in Ecosystem Science & Restoration (ESR) at the University of Montana and gain the foundational knowledge needed to start a successful career in ecology or ecosystem restoration.

Learning within the ecological restoration program occurs in and outside of the classroom, with substantial emphasis on hands-on, field-based learning.

You will have opportunities to conduct independent research and to plan and implement restoration projects with natural resource professionals.

The program fosters connections among students, faculty, and professionals – you’ll be part of a restoration community on and off campus and will graduate with the experience and professional network needed to launch your career.

You will leave the program qualified for restoration jobs as a botanist, ecologist, forester, hydrologist, or soil conservationist, and for graduate school in the biological sciences.

Join the Ecological Restoration program so you can work at the interface between science and people, and restore lands to meet the needs of humans and the ecosystems they inhabit.

Note from Storm: I’m very happy to see this program, since I helped Governor Brian Schweitzer design and launch the Montana Restoration Economy initiative back in 2006.

See course website.

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