Bat Yam, Israel to renew decrepit housing, replacing 168 old units with 950 new homes

The Bat Yam (Israel) Local Planning and Building Committee has recently approved a “vacate and build” urban renewal plan in Ramat Hanasi neighborhood and passed it on for the approval of the district committee, which will meet in a few weeks.

The plan is being developed by the Shapir Civil and Marine Engineering Ltd. subsidiary Shapir Residence and Construction. As part of the plan, six three-floor long apartment buildings with several entrances will be demolished.

There are currently 168 apartments in this complex. The houses were built about 50 years ago, and most of them are in a bad state of repair, without an elevator or a security room.

Ramat Hanasi is considered an old neighborhood, with lower demand, but in the past few years, due to construction plans, it has enjoyed significantly higher demand.

Bat Yam is a city located on Israel’s Mediterranean Sea coast, on the central coastal strip, just south of Tel Aviv. It had had a population of 128,498 in 2014.

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