Beijing plans “creative” economic zone and green revitalization of riverfront

Note from Storm: This 2009 article describes a project to beautify and revitalize a section of Beijing, China.

Readers familiar with the project are encouraged to use the Comments section below to update fellow readers on the status of the project.

A recent competition to design a creative zone in Beijing yielded this fascinating proposal to incorporate open space and an economic zone on the edge of the Beijing River.

The winner of the competition was UNstudio, whose approach to the challenge was to compress the two distinct zones together in an accordion-like fashion, weaving both nature and the urban fabric together.

Stores, shops and craftsmen will all take residence in the creative zone allowing tourists and Beijing residents to be able to enjoy the peace of the greenbelt as well as shop in local stores.

The beautiful greenbelt surrounding the area’s buildings will be situated right on the banks of the expansive Beijing River.

Meant to attract tourists seeking both nature and a place to peruse shops, the Creative Zone will spur on more sustainable development along the banks of the river.

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