Benton Harbor (MI) to turn downtown parking lot into park & Resiliency Plaza

Splash pads and a skate park could replace a parking lot in downtown Benton Harbor, Michigan.

A joint task force from Michigan State and the Michigan Municipal League (MML) unveiled plans for the Dwight Pete Mitchell City Center Park. Right now, the space is half-concrete, half-grassy area with a few park benches.

Benton Harbor is a very unique project because it’s right in the center of town. It has all sorts of really good things happening around it, with the arts district and other things that are going on,” said Warren Rauhe, an associate professor at Michigan State University.

The park may also features a 9-11 Resiliency Plaza.

I hope we can create a sustainable, dynamic, vibrant place, where people want to be all the time. We want it to be the catalyst for economic development and a meeting place for Benton Harbor,” said Marja Winters, Assistant City Manager of Benton Harbor.

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