Beverage company partners with The Nature Conservancy to help restore California watersheds and make them more resilient

On August 24, 2022, Constellation Brands, Inc., a major alcoholic beverage manufacturer, announced a two-year commitment of $700,000 in total contributions to The Nature Conservancy (TNC).

This contribution is partly intended to restore watersheds—and make them more resilient—in California communities where Constellation Brands operates, contributing to the company’s water replenishment targets first announced in April 2022.

California’s San Joaquin Valley is a center of agriculture not only for the United States, but the world,” said Rodd Kelsey, The Nature Conservancy’s Associate Director of the Water Program in California.

The Nature Conservancy’s work with partners like Constellation to test new approaches to dynamic water management is essential to seeking to ensure that sustainable agriculture can thrive, communities have clean drinking water, and natural systems can be restored,” he explained.

$200,000 of the total amount was donated in February 2022 and will be used to support TNC’s broader Global Resilient Watersheds program, which is focused on making watershed health a priority by investing in nature-based, restoration economy solutions—such as forest protection, regenerative agricultural practices, wetland restoration, and natural vegetation corridors along waterways—and aims to restore watershed health and revitalize degraded freshwater systems around the world.

We recognize access to clean water is a human right, and as a community member it is our responsibility to help ensure the resiliency of this resource in the areas where we live and work for generations to come,” said Mike McGrew, Constellation Brands’ Executive Vice President and Chief Communications, CSR, and Diversity Officer.

Collaborating with community members and supporting organizations like TNC to determine how we can collectively protect and restore water sources is a key component of our overall water stewardship strategy,” he added.

The remaining $500,000 donation will be leveraged over two years in support of TNC’s innovative dynamic water management programs in California.

Drawing on two nature-based opportunities, the dynamic water management programs in California target the San Joaquin Valley and the Stockton/Sacramento watersheds – both located in communities where a number of Constellation’s winery facilities and operations reside.

These programs are designed to bring to life important proof of concept strategies for rebalancing water demand for people and nature that in turn may be implemented on a broader scale to seek to address water challenges across the State of California and elsewhere.

TNC describes itself as “one of the most effective and efficient environmental organizations in the world” with a mission to restore and conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.

In addition to helping improve watershed health for the broader community, nature-based solutions implemented through the dynamic water management programs are expected to provide volumetric benefits toward Constellation’s water replenishment goals.

Between Fiscal Year 2023 and Fiscal Year 2025, Constellation is targeting to restore approximately 1.1 billion gallons of water withdrawals from watersheds, while improving accessibility and quality of water for communities where the company operates.

To achieve this target, Constellation developed a strategy focused on water efficiency, watershed restoration, and water accessibility and quality.

Photo courtesy of TNC.

Learn more on Constellation’s website in the “Sustainability” section.

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