BirdLife’s Pacific Island habitat restoration program

Restoring Pacific Paradise: BirdLife’s most ambitious island restoration programme is underway!

Late last year we asked for your support to restore six globally important Pacific islands in a remote region of French Polynesia. These islands are all vital for our global efforts to conserve Critically Endangered birds like Tuamotu Sandpiper and Polynesian Ground-dove, and are under threat by non-native species such as rats, which eat their eggs and young.

With great excitement I can report that the project is happening as I type. An expert team of BirdLife staff – along with people from SOP MANU (our BirdLife Partner in French Polynesia) and Island Conservation – have started their herculean task of transporting tons of equipment to the islands, to begin some of the most ambitious island restoration work the world has ever seen.

To date BirdLife have restored more than 30 pacific islands, so we are ready to take on this latest challenge.

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