Brightfields: Solar power on brownfields & landfills – Chicago, IL – June 12-13 2017

Brownfield Listings is thrilled to partner with TRC to power up the first national in-person marketplace event dedicated to developing solar energy on brownfields, landfills and other underutilized and marginal real estate. This is a must attend conference for property owners and those directly involved with rural or urban development and keen on developing solar power on marginal lands, as well as solar developers seeking land or interested in breaking into the brownfield space.

Tremendous and continuous innovation in solar technologies is opening new possibilities on properties across the county. It’s no longer always necessary to physically break ground to install solar power production, for example, and these ballasted and ground mounted systems are perfect applications for landfills. Innovation has also driven down cost and size requirements, making projects more economic and suitable for a larger number of sites–sometimes as small as a single acre.

This limited seat brightfield marketplace event will connect property owners, project managers, developers and dealmakers who will lead the next phase of solar’s bright future forward. The conference’s unique and innovative format includes market-making, mixer and educational events designed to both encourage solar development generally and connect individuals directly toward furthering specific opportunities. Participants will engage in planned mini-meetings, allowing everyone to have real conversations about potential opportunities and collaborations.

Attendees can participate in networking round robins as well as seminars and learning opportunities designed for each group along two separate tracks.  Landowners will discover how to convert contaminated, blighted and marginal property into clean energy assets, while solar developers will learn to navigate the brownfield, landfill and Superfund landscape. And because innovation is opening new opportunities on some small urban sites, there will be a half day urban track devoted to building solar energy on smaller brownfields in inner cities.

This is the year’s can’t-miss solar marketplace event for anyone leading the redevelopment of a brownfield/landfill OR if you are a renewable energy developer looking for development opportunities or to learn about the development potential of the nation’s marginal spaces.

Join us in Chicago at this two-day, limited seat event where brownfield/landfill owners and renewable energy developers from across the country will connect and discuss the creation of the next generation of clean power projects to build a new and productive future using our most underutilized lands.

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