British politician goes online to gauge public support for regeneration and revitalization

At the start of 2018, Ranil Jayawardena, MP (Member of Parliament) for North East Hampshire, England has launched an online poll to gauge the level of interest of local residents in revitalizing and regenerating the town centers of Fleet, Hook and Yateley.

He says all three downtowns have great potential for affordable housing, where young people can buy their first homes.

Ranil Jayawardena, MP

Jayawardena says, “We are lucky to live in a prosperous part of the country where almost everyone who wants a job has one. Looking to some of our local, district and town centres, however, it is clear to see that Fleet, Yateley and Hook are all in real need of revitalisation and regeneration. I’ve been spending time speaking to your local Councillors about this and taking a look at the work that needs to be done.

I am more convinced than ever that all three places have great potential – be that simply as shopping destinations or, with the right infrastructure improvements, as great places for our young people to get their foot on the housing ladder,” he continues.

The trouble is that there is no ‘masterplan’ for any of these places. I will be raising this with Hart District Council personally – but I need your help. If you want smart new shops, some new flats for local young people to buy above them and better car parking, then act now. Please sign my ‘revitalise and regenerate’ petition below – so that I can show the Council that local people really do care about their area and want to regenerate ‘brownfield’ land for new retail and residential development that will benefit the local economy and the local community,” Jayawardena concludes.

All photos courtesy of Ranil Jayawardena, MP. Featured photo shows Jayawardena walking the quiet downtown of Fleet.

See Jayawardena’s public poll.

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