announces beta release

From a new release: announced the open beta release of its platform for real estate with reuse challenges, the easiest way to list transitioning properties and redevelopment projects online and connect to the reuse and revitalization community. By tackling the tough end of the real estate market, Brownfield Listings gives property facing redevelopment obstacles–that struggles in regular real estate channels–the right reuse medium to be developed and marketed. is for property owners, professionals and redevelopment teams working to get their property to the next step, which may or may not be an immediate sale. Projects working up towards or working through a revitalization grant now have a suite of tools in one online solution to organize their efforts both internally and externally. A Request for Proposal or RFP, for example, can be uploaded directly to each listing and posted to the RFP marketplace to attract interest to specific scopes of work. A Project Board can be published openly on the internet for general participation by the community; for collaborative design and inclusive development.

Buyers, vendors, and reuse professionals list profiles, publish their own content and interact with other users on the platform, so connects all sides of the marketplace. By maintaining a presence in an online channel dedicated to real estate reuse and community development buyers, vendors and professionals can distinguish themselves from the rest of the real estate sector and build their redevelopment brand. With a published Premium Profile content can be easily shared across other platforms to enhance the social media multiplier.

And with access to content-rich profiles, now the sell-side can shop for specialists and professionals with new depth in the same platform where they organize information and market their property. Combining real estate due diligence and social diligence into one space, is an integrated platform built to simplify the redevelopment process with a suite of tools that make it easy to collect, create, manage and share the documents, data and due diligence that drive real estate reuse.

Built with social features, brings together buyers, sellers, vendors, professionals, individuals and the general public for idea cross-pollination, collaboration and cooperation. Brownfield Listings is for anyone who has brownfields, is working on brownfields or cares about brownfields. Anyone with an idea for redevelopment obstacles in their community now has a dedicated forum to contribute their voice to the development dialog.

With its beta release free to all users, and following the celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Brownfield Listings heralds “Brownfield Independence Day” today, July 6, 2015, with a call to action for reuse revolutionaries across the land to band together to end the tyranny of blight, abandon, contamination, underutilization and obsolescence.

See Brownfield Listings website.

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