How a historic building restoration inspired UK student to revive traditional technology

Sustainable plans to regenerate Leicester, England’s Frog Island have earned Christina Agathangelou a respected architecture award.

The Architecture BA (Hons) and Architecture MArch graduate from De Montfort University – Leicester (DMU) came in third in the annual student competition run by 3DReid, an award-winning architecture practice with five studios across the UK.

Christina Agathangelou and her designs.

Christina was recognized for her final-year DMU project, based around Frog Island, which proposes reviving the largely-forgotten tradition of natural textile dyeing using plants and flowers.

Her inspiration came from her desire to restore the existing buildings on-site, formally housing a dyeing and bleaching company, in a more sustainable way.

To make the location an attractive destination for local people, Christina’s plans feature a museum, gardens, a market, coffee shops and restaurants, as well as a dyeing and planting school to highlight the importance of natural textile dyeing.

The 24-year old from Nicosia, Cyprus, said: “It feels great to have my work recognized on this level. Being part of such a big competition was an amazing experience, as I had the opportunity to compete with students from all over the UK and meet industry experts.

Before embarking on her Master’s, Christina worked at Eraclis Papachristou Architects in Cyprus as a Part I Architectural Assistant.

All images courtesy of DMU.

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