Father and son revive ancestors’ bourbon legacy in restored downtown warehouse

Bourbon is booming. It’s about time, isn’t it?

Being from Kentucky, the growing press coverage of and intense interest in our state’s greatest gift to the world seems almost like old news. This is part of the fiber of our bluegrass, the distinctive cloth of our home.

And with this tradition of distillation comes a storied history, families who have built and passed the trade of bourbon making down generation after generation.

Prohibition put an unfortunate end to all too many of these lineages, but time heals all wounds, and when something is in your blood, it takes far more than a ban on liquor to extinguish the flames of a family legacy.

Such is the case with Corky and Carson Taylor, fourth and fifth generation members of the Peerless Distilling family.

Carson and his father, Corky, made the determination to rebuild their family’s legacy in downtown Louisville, selecting an old brick warehouse as the new home for Peerless.

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