California winery will restore and donate land after destroying native oak forest

Justin Vineyards and Winery of Paso Robles, California is now working to restore the land where the company cut down thousands of oak trees last month, sparking a public outcry.

On July 5, 2016, trucks started to haul in equipment to install prevention devices in the case of a mudslide.

If you recall, last July there was three inches that fell in that area. That caused liquefaction of all loose soils and we want to prevent that from ending up in any waterways or storm drains,” said Art Trinidad, Code Enforcement Supervisor for San Luis Obispo County.

Justin Winery is still planing to donate the land once its restored, and is currently talking to potential non-profits.

The Wonderful Company owns the winery.

A Facebook group called “Not So Wonderful” is growing in members, with the goal of preventing future development disasters, apparently not trusting local government to do so.

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See “Not So Wonderful” Facebook page.

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