Call for Entries: Redesign the high-tech zone of Shenzhen, China to boost quality of life

The Ban Xue Gang High-Tech Zone is located at the key node of Shenzhen, China. It connects North and South and West, and is expanding to the East. The core is the Bantian Sub-district jurisdiction. A new competition has been announced to redesign and revitalize the core area for a higher quality of life.

The research region of this competition is bounded by Meiguan Expressway on the west side, Jihe Highway on the north side, Qingping Highway on the , and a part of Silver Lake Mountain Suburban Park in the South, including four statutory planned area ( Bantian North, Bantian South, Minle region, and LG102-T4). Total area is about 39 squared kilometers.

Ban Xue Gang High-Tech Zone is surrounded by mountain and lakes, on the north, east, and south sides there are 6 characteristic (suburban) parks, in the mountains there are 7 reservoirs, it has good ecological basis, overall high vegetation coverage; at the same time, Ban Xue Gang has a list of Hakka walled villages, including Yangmei Lo Wai, Xiangjiaotang Lo Wai, Bantian Lo Wai, and Hepingtang Lo Wai, has rich history.

International renowned enterprises—Huawei’s headquarter is in Ban Xue Gang High-Tech Zone, Longgang, Shenzhen. Because there are a group of high-tech and creative enterprises led by Huawei headquarter congregated here, they have pushed forward rapid development of Ban Xue Gang High-Tech Zone.

In recent years, under the strategic background of Shenzhen eastward strategy, the municipal government has increased investment in the eastern area of Shenzhen. Ban Xue Gang High-Tech Zone as “the precursor demonstrative zone of Shenzhen Eastward Strategy”, together with Shenzhen Qiaanhai, Houhai headquarter base, East center, and Guangming Phoenix City have constituted key development areas of Shenzhen.

Proposed in Ban Xue Gang High-Tech Zone Urban Design International Consultation and Planning Implementation Scheme a Already completed, Ban Xue Gang High-Tech Zone led by high-tech creative enterprises and as Huawei takes the lead, will become a “strategically important zone leading the Pearl River Delta creative industry participating in global competition and collaboration”.

The vision for the future is that Ban Xue Gang High-Tech Zone will use information and communications technology, and technological creative industry as its engine, together with Longhua Center, Qinghu Sub-center, Shenezhenbei Railway Station business center, to develop jointly and become a demonstrative area that unites technological business, industry incubation, and service, merges industrial and urban qualities.

The construction goal of Ban Xue Gang High-Tech Zone is to become a compound technological green creative city that is in the forest, facing the future, having global vision, creative ideal and humanities.

The rules of this competition are divided into two categories, depending on the projects that competition agencies choose:

  1. Category one is planning and design, including three projects:“Bantian in the Forerst” Surrounding Characteristic (Suburban) Parks Holistic Conceptual Design Plan International Competition, Ban Xue Gang Art Center and Surrounding Block Architecture Conceptual Design Plan International Competition, Ban Xue Gang High-Tech Zone Streets and Nodes Greenery and Landscape Improve Design International Competition; ( DOWNLOAD FILE: )
  2. Category two is art and graphic design, which refers to Ban Xue Gang High-Tech Zone Urban VI and Application Design International Competition project.

Participating agencies should send materials above to Room 1309, Gongyuandao Building unit B, No.26 Dengliang Road, Shenzhen, before 3 p.m. on November 17.2017(UTC+8). Recipient: Ms. Li, contact: +86 0755 86549494;13632658134. Competition submission files received after the deadline will be rejected and returned to the applicant.

See full Call for Entries.

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