A new Canadian musical about the journey of community revitalization

The Journey is a spirited musical based on the story of three young people living in the Regent Park neighborhood of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This this unique performance is being presented at Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park.

Growing up in Regent Park, Stacy Darko loved the strong sense of community she always felt. She didn’t realize it had a reputation for gangs and violence until she left the neighborhood in her early teens. “People look at you in a different way when you say you’re from Regent Park” she recalled.

Now, Darko is playing a lead role in The Journey, a new musical about the ongoing and sometimes controversial revitalization of the neighborhood.

Using a powerful combination of spoken word, dramatic scenes, music and dance, The Journey highlights moments in Regent Park’s nearly 70-year history through the eyes of local residents.

The Journey ran from Nov. 16-19, 2016 at Daniels Spectrum, but additional free shows are planned for community members.

See full Toronto Metro News article by May Warren.

See The Journey website & image credit.

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