Carson City, Nevada revitalizes by recreating a downtown community

After two breweries have opened and closed at 302 North Carson Street in the past five years, the owners of Lake Tahoe Brewing Company in Nevada’s capital, Carson City, are hoping three times really is the charm.

The restaurant and brewery opened earlier this year after remodeling the downtown location where Doppelgangers and High Sierra Brewing Company once were.

We’re really busy here, trying to improve on quality,” says head brewer Elijah Pasciak. “Continuing the process of renovating the system, the facilities, the bar and the food the people enjoy more and more.

Not only are businesses changing in downtown Carson City, but so is the way people access them thanks to a new 1/8th cent sales tax expected to cost the average Carson City family around $12 a year for the next 30 years.

$12 million made off the tax will fund a downtown revitalization project that will reduce North Carson Street from four lanes down to two, making room for sidewalks and bike lanes, creating an overall pedestrian friendly community.

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