Chattanooga, Tennessee launches project to renovate and reconnect a downtown park

On July 10th, 2017, the first phase of Chattanooga, Tennessee‘s the Miller Park District Redesign will begin with the renovation of Miller Park. With construction lasting for twelve months, the new Miller Park will boast a dynamic pavilion, large green lawn and climbable rock outcropping.

Originating in the 2013 City Center Plan, the Miller Park District Redesign includes a multi-phase project with renovations to Miller Park, its connection to Miller Plaza via MLK Boulevard, minor improvements to Miller Plaza and an overhaul of Patten Parkway.

The first phase focusing on Miller Park and its connection across MLK Boulevard will begin on Monday, July 10th with the closure and renovation of Miller Park.

With an anticipated year construction schedule, MLK Boulevard will remain open until October 15th. At that time, one lane of traffic will be open in each direction through March 1st between Market Street and Georgia Avenue with a 30 day full closure at the end of this period.

MLK Boulevard will be fully reopened in April 2018 with Miller Park’s anticipated re-opening on July 3, 2018.

Miller Plaza will be open and accessible throughout this 12-month renovation period and will continue to be a source of programming and public space while Miller Park undergoes renovations.

River City Company is the economic development engine for Downtown Chattanooga, with a $3.2 million annual budget. Through its work to cultivate and advocate for a vibrant and healthy downtown, River City Company stimulates the community’s economic, social and cultural growth.

For over 30 years, River City Company, a private non-profit, has worked in partnership with local government, the private sector, and the philanthropic sector to support Downtown Chattanooga, because a vigorous downtown is a prerequisite for a healthy city.

See River City Company website.

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