Cheyenne, Wyoming forms broad-based Building Revitalization Coalition

Downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming is historic, beautiful and energized. We have many people dedicated to revitalizing our downtown and increasing the vibrancy.

And we have empty buildings. A lot of them. Earlier this year, the Downtown Development Authority conducted a walking inventory and determined we have more than 300,000 square feet of empty space and 28 buildings that are either fully or partially empty.

As a result, we have now formed the Building Revitalization Coalition and comprises of members of the DDA, City Council, the Planning Department, the fire department, the city’s nuisance officer, property owners, developers and Realtors.

Our mission is to encourage better utilization of properties through education and partnerships with organizations and private property owners.

Throughout this year, we have benchmarked six other communities on their successes with revitalizing empty buildings and pulled the best tactics from each community.

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See Op-Ed by Amy Surdam, Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority director, in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle.

See Downtown Cheyenne website.

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