Citizens ask: Is it OK for cities to do nothing while planning revitalization?

Lydia Garrett doesn’t like waiting for answers — not when people in her neighborhood are struggling to pay their bills and find jobs.

Yet Garrett, president of the North Valley Leadership Team, a community group, says all that seems to come from the city of North Las Vegas, Nevada are delays.

The city is in the midst of developing a plan to revitalize older parts of North Las Vegas, including North Valley, while at the same time expand — namely with housing at the Villages at Tule Springs and with a production facility for electric car maker Faraday Future at the Apex Industrial Complex.

But some residents worry that by chasing new economic development, the city won’t move fast enough on problems that plague residents today.

The city’s response: Be patient.

They’ll say, ‘We’re going to get a grant but you have to wait,’” Garrett said. “But I’m saying how long do people have to wait to pay their bills? How long do people have to wait to find jobs?

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