Citizens support mayor’s dream of revitalizing a Pennsylvania town

Shippensburg, Pennsylvania Mayor Bruce Hockersmith will be the first to admit that the way he came up with the idea to revitalize Shippensburg was cliché.

It all started with a dream.

I dreamed that Shippensburg was growing and expanding,” Hockersmith said.

That dream, the seed for revitalization, was planted about five or six months ago, but it was only at a recent borough meeting February 22, 2016 that the seeds began to sprout.

Hockersmith said that the meeting, held to gauge interest in a revitalization plan, showed that there was indeed reason to move forward.

About 60 residents gathered that night to share ideas on downtown revitalization.

Scott Brown, executive director of the Shippensburg Area Chamber of Commerce, said Kuna and her staff will next prepare a report that will be submitted to the Chamber and publicized in order to seek support from residents who wish to serve on a revitalization committee.

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