CityAge conference — Fort Lauderdale, Florida — February 16 & 17, 2017

Florida’s cities, facing the challenges of population growth and the management of resources and such events as rising sea level and super-storms, must be leaders in shaping America’s urban future.

CityAge: Florida, hosted by the City of Fort Lauderdale, will bring together leaders in business, government, design and research from around Florida, the United States and abroad to look at the ideas, investments and partnerships essential to building the future.

CityAge is a platform for ideas and business development, designed to enable new partnerships among the business, government and societal decision makers who are building the 21st Century.

Our conferences – and growing international network – provide an opportunity to understand and identify key markets and emerging opportunities; meet industry and government leaders; visit key markets and meet key contacts; and build collaboration and communication among individuals, organisations, professions, sectors and cities around the world.

Founded in 2012 in Vancouver, Canada, CityAge events have taken place, or are scheduled, in New York City, Hong Kong, Toronto, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Edmonton, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Ottawa, Vancouver, Florida, and The Waterloo Region.

See event website.

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