Climate change congress for city & regional planners — Bodø, Norway — Oct. 1-5, 2018

Are you an urban or regional planner? Get involved in the discussion about the future of our planet.

Join us on October 1-5, 2018 at the 54th ISOCARP Congress in Bodø, Norway, on “Cool Planning: Changing Climate and our Urban Future”.

Papers, case studies, research projects, session proposals by international experts coming from practice, government, the private sector will be discussed in six parallel tracks with the following themes:

  • THE GLOBAL VIEW: Climate Change Impacts, Sustainability and Resilience
  • SPOTLIGHT CITIES: Planning for Coastal Cities, Remote Towns, and High North Cities
  • CLIMATE-PROOF CITIES: Planning for Weather, Water, Food and Energy
  • TECHNOLOGY AND INFRASTRUCTURE: Clean, Green, Smart and Resilient
  • SOCIAL NETWORKS: Citizen Participation, Urban Governance and Cultural Transformation

General Rapporteur Dushko Bogunovich wrote in his introduction: “We believe the future of civilisation now more than ever depends on the way we plan and manage our cities and towns….Radical innovation is the only way to attain ‘cool planning’ – which in turn is supposed to deliver ‘cool’ cities and towns.

Located just north of the Arctic Circle, Bodø is the perfect place to discuss climate matters. Besides its spectacular scenery the town provides a fascinating mixture of superb nature and a modern, urban and vibrant lifestyle. In December 2012 Bodø was rated among the world´s top twenty destinations by National Geographic. Enjoy the hospitality of the North, the amazing landscape and pre-and post-congress tours as well as the good food.

See ISOCARP website.

Download conference brochure (PDF).

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